About us

The Dental Materials and Biomaterials Research group develops tailored biomaterials for intelligent prosthesis and innovative implants. These novel materials are designed for application in the fields of dentistry, especially for dental prosthetics and oral surgery, orthopaedics, trauma surgery as well as vascular and graft surgery. Due to the wide range of interdisciplinary subject matters our team consists of materials scientists, mechanical and biomedical engineers, biologists and dental technologists working together.

One important focus of our research team is the topic of bone substitute materials. In several joint research projects specially tailored bone substitution scaffolds are developed using state of the art additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping). Also within this area a novel tissue engineering printing process is being developed with the aim to print cell-loaded hydrogels to 3D-constructs on a centimeter scale without the need for moulded bodies. Based on this approach new areas of applications, especially in the field of vascular and graft surgery, may be realised.

Additionally, our team biologically functionalizes the various materials formed into 3D-scaffolds and characterizes them micro-structurally, mechanically as well as biologically in a cell culture environment. Here we focus on research and investigation regarding materials applicable for long-term use in implants and prosthesis. Another major topic is the implementation of high-strength bioceramic materials for dental prosthetics and joint endoprosthetics. Important aspects regarding these bioceramics are the surface functionalization to achieve permanent osseointegration in vivo and their respective mechanical long-term reliability in a clinical deployment. The investigation of new solution possibilities is hereby facilitated by specialized testing technology as well as numerical simulation (finite element method, failure statistics post-processing, etc.).