The innovation model

Clinical and translation-driven research:

AMICARE integrates a study center for phenotyping of cardiorenal patients and clinical studies, as well as harbors active public-private partnerships in one institute.  Thereby, AMICARE works from bedside (patient material) to bench-side (research bench) and back to the patient. With this approach, AMICARE acts as a dedicated translational research institute, centered around the cardiorenal patient.

Research platforms, integrating cross-border interdisciplinary expertise:

AMICARE actively integrates research platforms from dedicated research groups with interdisciplinary expertise as well as public-private partnerships. This ensures innovation and further development of cutting-edge technologies and applications, as being essential for competitive research. Furthermore, for optimal knowledge and technique exchange, AMICARE is devoted to intensively collaborate with its mother institutes within the RWTH Aachen and Maastricht University, as well as with external partners from Germany, the Netherlands and internationally.

Public-private partnerships, technology push and market pull:

With the cardiorenal patient as center point of AMICARE, clinical translation and valorization of research results is essential for AMICARE’s mission.

To this end, AMICARE integrates international, interdisciplinary project-driven research and cutting-edge technology (technology push) with in-house private  partner-driven and market-focused research, mainly dictated by the patient itself as well as the private partners (market pull).

Close collaboration between the different disciplines will create internal feedback  loops between technological possibilities and medical needs as well as product applications at the market. These feedback loops ensure relevant and targeted innovation, at the benefit of the patient.