ICORS Travel Grant to Europe by EORS

Congratulations! Dr. Yusuke Kubo from Kyushu University in Japan is the recipient of the 2017 EORS-sponsored ICORS Travel Grant to Europe. He will receive €2,000.- from the European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS) to visit Dr. Jahr’s group in the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology of the University Hospital of the RWTH in Aachen in 2018.

The International Combined Orthopaedic Research Societies (ICORS) serves as an alliance of societies to promote basic, translational, and clinical musculoskeletal research worldwide. ICORS was founded during the Annual Meeting of the Combined Orthopaedic Research Societies (CORS) in Venice in 2013, replacing the latter society. The European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS) actively promotes the internationalization of Orthopaedic Research in Europe. Not surprisingly, EORS Executive Committee members were prominently represented among the founding fathers of ICORS in Venice.

As a symbolic act to nurture future international exchange within this newly founded alliance of research societies, EORS sponsors the ICORS Travel Grant with €2,000.-. The ICORS Travel Grant to Europe by EORS aims at supporting travels from outside Europe to partner organizations within the EU. A main purpose of ICORS as a union of Orthopaedic research societies is to create and promote educational benefits and networking opportunities for its individual members. Traveling abroad to study and practice Orthopaedic research is one of the most intense and rewarding educational experiences.

Application is open to all ICORS members who want to spend a couple of weeks at an European host institution that has at least one EORS member. Applications are reviewed by a jury comprising members from ICORS steering committee and EORS. The successful applicant(s) are expected to summarize their experience in a brief report and the travel experience should ideally result in a collaboration. Travel should take place within 12 months from application.

Look here to become a member of ICORS or to join our next congress in Montréal, Canada (June 19-22, 2019).

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