Dr. med. Karin Palmowski
Sep 2011 – Dec 2012

Dr. med. Moritz Palmowski
May 2008 – Jan 2012

Dr. med. Christoph Grouls
Feb 2009 – Aug 2011

Dr. rer. nat. Jessica Gätjens
Nov 2008 – Mar 2010

Dr. rer. nat. Michael Hodenius
Jan 2009 – Feb 2010



Dr. rer. nat. Zhe Liu
May 2009 – Dec 2011

Dr. rer. nat. Thorsten Riebold
Aug 2008 – Nov 2008


PhD students

Dr. rer. medic. Lotfi Abou-Elkacem
Non-invasive imaging techniques for the sensitive and accurate analysis of tumor growth and therapy response in subcutaneous and orthotopic tumors
Apr 2009 – Jul 2013

Dr. rer. medic. Jessica Bzyl
Establishment of functional and molecular ultrasound imaging with novel, clinically translatable contrast agents for assessing the angiogenic status of two differently aggressive breast cancer xenografts
Mar 2009 – Dec 2012

Dr. rer. nat. Jabadurai Jayapaul
Fluorescent Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Molecular MR and Optical Imaging
Jan 2009 – Jul 2012


Master, Diploma, Medical and Bachelor students

M.Sc Jing Yu
Voxel-wise Kinetic Compartment Modeling and Parameter Estimation with Recursive Initialization
Apr 2012 – Apr 2013

B.Sc Can Ergen
Etablierung und Vergleich von Methoden zur voxelbasierten kinetischen Modellierung von PET-Daten
Jun 2012 – Mar 2013

M.Sc. Arne Berneking
Characterization of sensitivity encoded Silicon Photomultiplier for high resolution simultaneous PET/MR Imaging
Feb 2012 – Dec 2012

M.Sc. Yongping Li
Monitoring Breast Cancer Treatment Effects using Molecular Ultrasound Imaging
Apr 2012 – Sep 2012

M.Sc. BME Deniz Ali Bölükbaş
Monitoring tissue engineered implants using magnetic resonance imaging
Apr 2011 – Jun 2012

M.Sc. BME Jochen Franke
MR-based attenuation correction in hybrid PET-MR systems:
A multi-tissue classification by using ultrashort TE (UTE) MR sequences
Jun 2010 – Dec 2010

M.Sc. BME Mohammed Farouk Maaliki
Analysis of tumor growth, vascularization and MMP-activity in skin SCC by non-invasive imaging modalities (FMT and ultrasound)
Apr 2009 – Dec 2009