The group is currently supported by:

2023 – 2027   China Scholarship Council (CSC) stipend for Mr. Liangliang Lia from Shanghai Xiaotong University

2023 – 2026    Funding of the German Research foundation for development of novel carriers for nucleic acids

2023 – 2024    RWTH grant ERS with Prof. Andreas Herrmann               

2023 – 2025    Funding from the state of NRW for establishing explant cultures (NovoKolon - ZukunftBio.NRW)

2022 – 2026    BMBF funding for replacing animal experiments

2022 - 2026    China Scholarship Council (CSC) stipend for Mr. Liangliang Liao from Qilin University

2020 - 2024    China Scholarship Council (CSC) stipend for Mr. Cheng Lin from Shanghai Xiaotong University

2019 - 2021    Grant of the Wilhelm Sander foundation for the modulation of myeloid cells in hepatocarcinogenesis (grant no.2018.129.1), two years

2019 - 2022    Grant of the German Research Foundation for nanocarriers for small-non coding RNA to treat liver diseases, three years

Completed research support:

2019 - 2020    Long term stipend with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) GERLS Call 2018/2019.

COST Action BM1404 Mye-EUNITER which is part of the European Union Framework Program Horizon 2020 (

2016-2017     Wilhelm Sander Foundation The role of monocytic immune cells for hepatocarcinogenesis and releance of therapeutic modulation of CCR2-dependent invasion and differentiation

2014-2015     START-Programm der Medizinischen Fakultät der RWTH-Aachen

2007-2010     DFG fellow in the graduate school „Biointerface“