Our services

We would like to make our patients' hospital stay as pleasant as possible. Our services therefore include a number of small and large services  which will contribute to your comfortable feeling here.

The University Hospital Aachen has patient-friendly one- and two bed rooms each with their own small bathroom and view of the beautifully planted inner courtyards or interesting countrysides.

There is a telephone with which you can make national and international calls using a phone card next to each bed. Internet access is also possible with your own laptop and an analogue 56-K modem. In the standard wards patients can use the television and radio from each bed free of charge.

Our patients can choose their meals for the next few days themselves directly from a menu - taking possible dietary regulations into consideration - or with the assistance of a service employee. This includes various alternative offers, vegetarian meals and also meals without pork. Water and warm beverages are at your disposal in the entrances to numerous wards.  

Service facilities
In the entrance hall you can find various service facilities: stamp vending machine and letterbox, flower shop, kiosk, public telephone and a bank with a cash point. You can also find the International Office there. There is a cafeteria in the gallery for patients and visitors. Furthermore, there is a hairdresser on the 8th floor (corridor B, room 8a).

Places of prayer
In the hospital there is a chapel in which Catholic and Protestant services take place regularly. You can find the chapel on the ground floor near lift B1. It is always open. In the near vicinity of the chapel there is also a prayer room equipped for people of the Muslim religion which is also always open. (Ground floor, near lift B1, room 6)

Transport connection
Directly in front of the main entrance of the University Hospital Aachen there are bus stops for many bus lines. The city centre of Aachen with the cathedral or the central station can be reached in approx. 10 minutes by bus. Of course there is a waiting area for taxis in front of the hospital in case you need one. The University Hospital also has large, free of charge parking areas. Parking spaces for wheelchair users or for people with walking disabilities can be found directly opposite the main entrance.

Call center
In the call centre of the University Hospital there are trained call centre agents at your disposal - also English speaking - for establishing contacts and for all other questions regarding the University Hospital.

Queries via email will be immediately transferred to a suitable contact person. The call centre is also the first place to go when you have a complaint.

Phone: +49 241 8-00 or +49 241 80-84444

International Office
The International Office is the central contact point for all questions regarding the treatment of international patients.

Phone: +49 241 80-89658
Fax: +49 241 80-3389658