• Lectures

    Introduction to Systems Biology (AS, Winter Term)

    Introduction to MatLab Course  (AS, Summer Term)

    Introduction to Hybrid Modelling (AS, Summer Term)

    Data Analytics II (AS, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning)  Master Course “Medical Data Science “

    Quantitative Microbiology (LK, Summer Term)

    Bioinformatics in R (IC, Winter Term)

    Computer-Simulation in der Medizin (TS, Qualifikationsveranstaltung Modellstudiengang Medizin)

  • Practical Courses

    Introduction to Systems Biology (Winter Term)

    Introduction to Matlab Course  (Summer Term)

    Programming in R (IC, Winter Term)

    Software Lab in Bioinformatics (IC, Summer Term)
  • Seminars
  • Internships

    Bioinformatics Research Internships (IC)
  • Offers Master / Bachelor Thesis
  • Seminar Series (with push option)

    Seminar Series in System Biomedicine

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