Kuppe Lab in Quantitative Cell Dynamics and Translational Systems Biology

Institute of Experimental Medicine and Systems Biology, Uniklinik RWTH Aachen
E-mail: ckuppeukaachende

Welcome to the Quantitative Cell Dynamics and Translational Systems Biology Lab! We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers that are excited to apply novel, quantitative multi-omic single-cell and spatial technologies to better understand human disease development and regeneration!

Every cell, the basic unit of life, has its own story to tell! Additionally, the surroundings of the cells, its’ neighborhood and the organ the cells reside in, impact cellular functions in healthy and disease. In our research, we are particularly interested in the molecular signals that define cellular interactions in different human organs and the analysis of temporal changes along disease specific trajectories. The lab focuses on the application of novel single-cell and spatial multi-omic approaches to decode disease trajectories thus defining novel cellular disease mechanisms by including temporal and spatial information.  

Multimodal analysis of patient-derived samples or personalized disease models (kidney or cardiac organoids) are profiled longitudinally to cover different disease stages. The acquired large-scale multidimensional datasets provide quantitative information about the decision-making processes of cells. Our goal is to use this information to better understand the „Why?“ in the process of cellular differentiation. This information will be analyzed using algorithms to enable predictive models for disease trajectories, providing cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease onset and progression. We are utilizing patient-derived cellular models and organoids for large-scale perturbation analysis, which are used to improve and validate the predictive models and help to identify novel drug targets.

Our lab is working in close collaboration with several computational and other experimental groups within the Institute of Experimental Medicine and Systems Biology. We also foster close collaborations with multiple members of the clinical research community at the UKA. 

Work with us:

We are always on the look for interested candidates that share our passion for science! If you’re serious about research, but don’t take yourself too seriously, the Kuppe lab will be the perfect place for you to pursue your ambitions in science! Please include your Name, CV, Starting Date and a Cover Letter (incl. contact data of a person for recommendation) in your request. Contact: ckuppeukaachende