Orthodontic department

Dear sir or madam,

welcome to the orthodontic department of Uniklinik RWTH Aachen!

The department of orthodontics in Aachen was established more than 35 years ago and has ever since made significant and ongoing contributions to the current level of knowledge in orthodontics.

On our website we would like to introduce you to our institution and team as well as provide information on our extensive spectrum of treatments in the area of orthodontics.

A combination of longtime experience and specialisation enables us to offer children and adults an individual therapy plan that results in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile.

In addition to classic orthodontic treatments, we offer a variety of advanced treatments like functional orthodontics, lingual techniques and the innovative Invisalign method which involves treatment with virtually invisible aligners.

Our modern equipment as well as our long-standing cooperation with other departments at the university hospital and top-dentists in Aachen enables us to satisfy your orthodontic needs in a scientific and profound manner.

You are welcome to arrange an individual, informal appointment to find out how we can help you.

We look forward hearing from you!

Prof. Michael Wolf
Head of department