Integrative, translational and patient-oriented pain research

Intense interactions between basic scientists and clinicians build the basis for the development of new therapies.

In the BMBF consortium Bio2Treat we are developing a PainWatch together with our partners. We combine the biometric data of the participating pain patients with electrophysiological data from iPS cells. Using machine learning approaches, we are working with our partners (Prof. Andreas Schuppert from the Institute of Computational Biomedicine and Grünenthal AG) to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and future treatment options for chronic pain patients.

In the Sodium Channel Network Aachen, SCNAachen, we are researching the basics of personalized medicine for SFN (Small Fiber Neuropathy) patients in a larger consortium. The effects of mutations in the channels on neuronal excitability are investigated. With the data obtained, we want to be able to predict what effects sodium channel variants can have on analgesics. 

Using a high-throughput patch robot (SyncroPatch 381i), we study the biophysics of sodium channel variants of patients and perform pharmacological tests to potentially identify substances that can modify channel properties in a mutation-specific manner.

In cooperation with Prof. Namer (IZKF Junior Research Group Aachen), who conducts microneurographic recordings on the subject/patient, we form a bridge from basic research to the clinic.