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Molecular mechanisms of epileptogenesis

Molecular mechanisms of epileptogenesis

Epilepsy is a severe chronic brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizure activity due to aberrant neuronal network activity. Despite many years of research, the underlying mechanisms that orchestrate seizure activity are still not fully understood. In the last decades, enormous progress has been made in the discovery of epilepsy genes. Our research focuses on understanding the pathophysiological role of such so-called epilepsy genes. By applying a combination of molecular, biochemical and electrophysiological experiments, we expect to improve our understanding of epilepsy pathogenesis. A better understanding of the (dys)functioning of such proteins might open new possibilities for pharmacological intervention, including the design of gene/pathway-specific drugs and the application of disease-preventing strategies.

Dr. Karen M.J. van Loo

Dept. of Neurology, Section Epileptology
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