Koch Group

Network properties and microstructure of the human brain

The human brain must constantly adjust the continuous, electrical activity that is the basis of information processing and memory formation. Misregulation of this balance can put the neuronal networks in an overexcited state, resulting in so-called epileptic seizures, which cause disruption of the affected brain regions. The cause of epileptic brain activity can vary widely and the mechanisms involved in the onset and development of an epileptic disorder are very complex. The aim of our group is to investigate the excitability of cortical circuitry and the plasticity of human neurons and neuronal networks also to what extent they are involved in epileptogenesis. The identification of potential molecular and cellular signaling pathways involved in the regulation of cortical network excitability may reveal new targets for early intervention in the treatment of epilepsy.

Dr. Henner Koch

Dept. of Neurology, Section Epileptology
University of Aachen
Pauwelsstrasse 30
52074 Aachen, Germany
Tel. +49-(0)241- 80-80576