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PhD position

Keratin intermediate filament network dynamics

Keratin intermediate filaments are major constituents of the epithelial cytoskeleton. Their organizing function of cellular space is important for diverse epithelial functions requiring a high degree of keratin network plasticity. We have recently proposed that a continuous cycle of keratin filament assembly and disassembly facilitates rapid and precise adaptation to the different functional requirements.

The successful candidate will (i) further refine methods and tools for monitoring and manipulating the keratin cycle and its modulators, (ii) focus on identifying and characterizing the molecular motors involved in keratin movement and tension generation within the keratin network, and (iii) examine modulators of the keratin cycle that are identified in genetic screens.

We are looking for a candidate with experience in molecular biology, microscopical techniques and image analysis. The candidate should have a strong background in cell biology. It is expected that the successful candidate is highly motivated to independently pursue the DFG-funded project as a basis for a PhD thesis.

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Please send your written application as soon as possible to:

Prof. Dr. Rudolf E. Leube
Institute of Molecular and Cellular Anatomy
RWTH Aachen
UniversityWendlingweg 2
52074 Aachen




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