Kardiale Device Therapie

Research focus

Our team of physicans and allied health professionals including clinical cardiac physiologists and nurses and administrative staff is dedicated to answering questions of relevance to patients and their carers within a rounded and comprehensive research program embedded within a device service that offers optimal personalised medical and device therapy to people with symptoms due to heart failure.

Focus of the working group:

  • Heart rate
  • Exercise capacity
  • Personalization of programming
  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy
  • Mitral regurgitation in heart failure
Group leader



Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Andreas Napp

Dr. med. Rosalia Dettori

Marcel Kurzeja

Swenja Hesterberg

Michael Holzbach

Annsophie Schmitz

Ralph Herpertz

  • Mapping the metabolome of heart rate
    This project will describe the metabolic adaptations that accompany changes in heart rate in patients with and without heart failure. Using a unique approach and in collaboration with our partners in the Leeds Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine we hope to discover the pathophysiology that underlies the failing force frequency relationship in heart failure as a first step in restoring this critical physiological response and thereby improving exercise capacity.
  • RVA/RVS/LBBA – does it make a difference and why?
    This project will attempt to explore whether there are any significant differences between the three commonest right ventricular lead positions in terms of medium term cardiac remodelling and myocardial work to document the contemporary risks and benefits of each with the long term aim of personalising the hardware delivery approach to the patient.
  • Airways resistance in heart failure: the effect of CRT
    Persistent breathlessness is a common problem for people with heart failure and some of it may stem from the lungs where back-pressure from the weakened heart can lead to swelling of the small vessels. A new piece of equipment can diagnose and measure this. The present study is a collaboration between the cardiology and the respiratory service and, by  determining whether the improved haemodynamics reduce airways resistance will provide mechanistic insights with the long term view of optimising and personalising therapy accordingly to ease the breathlessness associated with heart failure.
  • The influence of mitral annuloplasty on the efficacy of pulmonary vein isoltation for atrial fibrillation: MASTER-AF
    Pulmonary vein isolation for atrial fibrillation (AF) has become one of the most commonly performed invasive procedures. Restoration of sinus rhythm is associated with benefits on quality of life and exercise capacity. However, up to half of all patients treated have a reversion to AF within a year and require further treatment. This is most common in those with structural heart disease including mitral regurgitation. The present study, which is supported by an industrial partnership with Cardiac Dimensions and Medtronic, will determine whether reducing mitral regurgitation prior to the ablation can improve the restoration and maintenance of sinus rhythm.

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