Tele-EMS in NRW

One solution with great potential – not only for North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) – is seen in the nationwide establishment of tele-EMS systems. Since 2007 research started in multiple projects for establishing the first tele-EMS system. Implementation started in 2014 in regular care. On the basis of this extensive knowledge and experience, the Aachen model can be used as a prototype for future implementations in other regions.

This process is accompanied by the ARS. In addition to a transparent exchange of experiences with all interest groups, ARS also offers support and assistance to the emergency medical services in NRW in the introduction of corresponding systems. Among others, the ARS institute supports with:

  • Project planning
  • Project realisation to regular operation
  • Associated scientific research
  • Standardising quality parameter
  • Set up of a NRW-wide-system of a tele-emergency-physician

For more information, please contact ARSukaachende.

An overview of publications by ARS concerning the tele-EMS system by ARS can be downloaded here.