Publications and awards

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Best Paper Award
for Köny M, Czaplik M, Walter M, Rossaint R, Leonhardt S. A new telesupervision system integrated in an intelligent networked operating room. EMERGING 2011, November 20-25, 2011, Lisbon, Portugal

Rotation position of the RWTH Faculty of Medicine
on the 2-year research rotation for Dr. Michael Czaplik

JuniorExperts Exchange Program
Traveling scholarship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for Dr. Michael Czaplik

Best Poster Award
For Köny M, Yu X, Czaplik M. Computing the Analgesia Nociception Index Based on PPG Signal Analysis. POSTER conference Prague, May, 16th, 2013

2nd place for "Quality in the emergency medical service"
as team for tele-emergency physician / telemedical rescue assistance system at the Oldenburger Notfallsymposium

German Telemedicine Prize of the German Society for Telemedicine
as a team for the tele-emergency physician / telemedical rescue assistance system in Berlin

Rotation position of the Medical Faculty of the RWTH
for 1-year research rotation for Dr. Nadine Hochhausen (2015)

3. German Prize for Patient Safety
as a team for the tele-emergency physician / telemedical rescue assistance system

DAAD travel grant
for the "Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society", Jeju Island, Korea for Dr. Michael Czaplik

DAAD funding program: Project-related personal exchange (PPP)
with Curitiba, Brazil (scientific exchange on various mutual research stays in 2019-2020) for Drs. Michael Czaplik (applicant), Carina Barbosa Pereira, Andreas Follmann, as well as Marian Ohligs, Diana Pokee, Franziska Schollemann and Henriette Dohmeier

Best Abstract Award WATN 2020
"VirtualDisaster - virtualized reality to support complex situations"

2017-2020; 2020-2023
Member of the DFG research group "Severity Assessment in Animal Health"

"Innovative teaching project"
Expense allowance of € 2,000 for the “Innovative Medical Technology” seminar for AINS

Successful application via the DAAD for cooperation
in the field of “Medical Applications for 3D Thermal Infrared Imaging” (teaching + research) in mutual exchange with a Brazilian working group (Maureen de Abreu)