Qualification profiles

Contactless measurement methods, telemedicine, augmented reality? The intelligent use of technology in emergency medicine is no longer a dream of the future. Medical students can also make their own contribution to shaping the future. As part of the qualification profile Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Pain Therapy (AINS), two seminars are offered dealing with medical technology in anesthesiology and telemedicine, in which the students are not only able to get exciting insights into the technology and possibilities, but also become active themselves.

Innovative medical technology in anesthesiology

The aim of this seminar ("innovation workshop") is to actively develop innovative ideas and concepts for the future. For this purpose, the following main topics are dealt with on seven dates:


  1. Telemedicine
  2. Contactless monitoring of patients
  3. Drones in emergency and disaster medicine
  4. Augmented Reality (smart glasses) in the case of mass casualties
  5. Meeting point "Virtual Reality"
  6. What do digitization and networking bring?
  7. Examination by means of a student lecture

The possibilities of combining medicine and technology are developed by the students in a step-by-step design thinking process with the help of an interdisciplinary team of engineers and doctors. While the solutions designed in the process have so far been presented as a product using self-designed advertising flyers, it is planned to build prototypes (with Lego, handicraft material, cardboard, etc.) at some dates in the future.

Is offered for semesters: 5, 7, 9

Pre-hospital emergency medicine and telemedicine (science, communication, practical skills)

With the tele-EMS physicians, we have the unique opportunity in Aachen to experience an early innovation from emergency medicine. On the one hand, this qualification profile improves the knowledge about the benefits, challenges and special features of the application of tele-emergency medicine in cooperation with the Aachen Institute for Rescue Management &Public Safety (ARS). Patient safety, algorithm-based work (e.g. trauma patients), but also the interfaces to modern disaster medicine play a role here. On the other hand, the QP offers insights into the processes of modern pre-hospital emergency medicine with a high proportion of practical case studies and training situations.

Main topics of the course dates:

  1. Rescue service introductory event
  2. Tele emergency medicine 1 & 2
  3. Patient safety & algorithms (including simulation)
  4. Trauma care (practical training)
  5. Life-threatening clinical pictures / resuscitation (practical training)
  6. MANV / Disaster Medicine (practical workshop)
  7. Telemed. Acute care outside the emergency services (practical workshop)

Is offered for semesters: 7, 9 (with previous rescue service experience, the QP can also be selected earlier in the course of the studies after consultation)

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We also support the internship in anesthesia.

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