In terms of content, the focus is on the following topics - especially in cooperation with the Competence Center for Training and Patient Safety AIXTRA of the medical faculty (www.aixtra.rwth-aachen.de):

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    → educational concepts in the training of basic and advanced life support taking into account different age and target groups
  • Patient safety
    →  e.g. use of structured training concepts or checklists in the area of interface communication (rescue service - emergency room - intensive care unit)


COMPAS – COmprehensive Multiprofessional Education for improving, distributing and implementing PAtient Safety and maintenance of workforce in the EMR  

The COMPAS project will address the need for organizational capacity building by developing a comprehensive educational approach. In close collaboration with healthcare professionals in different countries, we will create educational programs at the intersection of healthcare, patient safety, and innovations.

The AIXTRA, ARS and the universities of Liège and Maastricht are project partners. Further information will soon appear on our project homepage.


Wenn Sie mehr über Patientensicherheit und Resilienz von Mitarbeitenden im Gesundheitswesen wissen möchten, schauen Sie sich gerne unser kurzes Video dazu an: