Learn what we do to equal Gender and Diversity Imbalances -
The RTG 2610 InnoRetVision Gender and Diversity Concept

Gender equality and appropriate work-life balance policies are essential to provide optimal early career support.

For many years, the creation of equal conditions at all stages of the academic career has been a top-level aim at both universities and Forschungszentrum Jülich. The institutions keep research-oriented equality standards responsible for designing and establishing suitable measures for the equality of women and men at all scientific qualification levels, creating a space for social and academic variety. Beside introducing Gender and Diversity Management, the institutions have implemented Gender Equality / Equal Opportunities Offices, which actively promote gender and diversity topics and give support at all levels. In addition, all three institutions provide infrastructure for a family-friendly environment, which includes childcare facilities on the campus.

The university Duisburg-Essen takes actively part in several programs, such as “ProDiversity”, or “Chance hoch 2”. Specific programs for the promotion of young female scientists are being developed in the “Graduate Center Plus (GC Plus)”. As part of the cooperation between the graduate centers of the three Ruhr Area Universities, the “mentoring³- program” is offered under the umbrella of the Research Academy Ruhr (RAR).

RWTH Aachen University offers gender equality programs such as “Program for Women Professors III” and especially the different “TANDEM” mentoring-programs.


Summary of RTG measures to promote equal opportunities and work–life/family balance.

RTG measures
Group and one-one-one coaching for female scientists
Concierge technician / student assistent
Travel to conferences focusing on female researchers
Career and personal development seminars/workshops for female scientists
Assistance with child-care