The RTG 2610 InnoRetVision Medical Student Program

We are also welcoming medical students to work with us on their MD thesis. The time allocated for full time experimental work is one year. Students will setup a MD thesis proposal in the frame of the C5 work packages within six weeks that will be approved by the supervisors. Within the first three months they will be trained on the techniques necessary to perform their thesis work and  will visit basic courses such as Felasa, Medical Statistics, Medical Ethics, GCP, Scientific writing and reading, and others. As regular members of the RTG, they are expected to participate also in the training program of RTG 2610 offering them a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills in medical technology, medical engineering, and neurobiology. The RTG Medical Student Program is also associated to career support measures of the RWTH Aachen Medical School such as the Mentoring Programs or the Biomedical Graduate School.