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The RTG 2610 InnoRetVision events

The RTG 2610 venue

Seminar series, journal clubs, work-in-progress reports, and lectures represent important graduate training elements. These activities will be implemented in the RTG and will be organized in two forms of meetings for the entire doctoral researcher cohort, encompassing both affiliated and associated students. These meetings will form a vital part of the RTG.

Full day meeting

Every month we will hold a full day meeting. Attendance is mandatory. The full day meetings will encompass three time slots as well as sufficient time for lunch break and for discussions. The first slot will be devoted to progress reports. Each student will present twice a year (30 min with subsequent in-depth discussion), allowing monitoring of the students’ progress and overall success of InnoRetVision. The second slot will be reserved for one of the additional compulsory lectures listed above. The third slot will provide the platform for a seminar series with invited lectures. The student cohort will assemble a list of possible guests that will be discussed with the PIs. Upon decision, doctoral researchers will be entirely responsible for organizing this seminar series while receiving support of the coordinator of the RTG. RTG trainees will invite guests to present their research work, host them and will take care of all organizational aspects. Meetings of the doctoral researchers with the invited speaker over lunch or dinner will be an important part of this seminar activity.

Science lunch

Second, in the middle between the full day meetings, i.e. on a biweekly basis, an additional meeting will be held for students and PIs in form of an informal lunch. This meeting will be the time slot for the journal club with the focus on original publications.


In addition to the meetings describe above that take place on a regular basis, we will organize a retreat in either spring or fall. We will dedicate two days to both science and social interaction. Common activity will help to develop a positive spirit in InnoRetVision and foster communication across projects and disciplines. Quality management issues (e.g. QM evaluation, audit results) will be discussed, too