Dissertations and Theses

Topics for medical dissertations and scientific master's theses are available on an ongoing basis as part of our research focus. The work includes modern molecular biological methods and serves to answer relevant questions on basic genetic research as well as clinical genetic questions.

To apply, please send us the following documents:

  • short letter of motivation
  • curriculum vitae
  • high school diploma
  • previous grades in your studies

You can send your documents to the following address: humangenetikukaachende.

Note: Applications for a dissertation are only possible from the 5th semester.

We will usually get back to you within two weeks once we have received your complete application. If necessary, we would arrange an appointment for an interview and a work shadowing in the laboratory to get to know you better and, conversely, to give you the opportunity to gain an insight into our research.


Information for students of human medicine:

We mainly assign experimental doctoral theses and expect you to plan at least one full semester and the semester breaks before and after for the experimental work due to the more complex familiarization with the methodology. Conversely, we will provide you with good guidance and supervision for your work. If you are interested, you should apply as early as possible, as we usually need about three semesters' notice for our planning. To deepen your knowledge of human genetics/molecular biology, you should have attended the qualification profiles we offer as part of the QP Molecular Medicine beforehand.

We look forward to receiving your application!