The Solution

From intensive cross-border cooperation to a joint international institute

Pioneering into the field of cardiorenal research, the RWTH Aachen and Maastricht University have established a strong and successful crossborder collaboration over the past 10 years, bringing cardiovascular and renal research of both institutes closely together. Powered by the success of two MSCA-DNs, INTRICARE and CaReSyAn, coordinated by Maastricht University (CARIM) and RWTH Aachen respectively, a bi-national Research Institute on cardiorenal disease became reality.

AMICARE, as a joint international institute between the RWTH Aachen and Maastricht University, brings the cooperation between Aachen and Maastricht in the field of cardiorenal research to the highest level: The full potential in the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, international visibility as well as industry-relevant research is being exploited.

Value chain

Operating at the forefront of science, AMICARE will fully support translational, cardiorenal patient-oriented research and cutting-edge innovation in the cardiorenal field by joint research & development of clinic, science and industry.