Conference Papers and Posters






Design and fabrication of novel developed ophthalmological surgery implantation instrument 3D-PLAPS for large-area devices examined in cadaveric eyes of pigs and rabbits

Frederic Kuba Balcewicz, Sabine Baumgarten, Kim Schaffrath, Sandra Johnen, Peter Walter, Tibor Karl Lohmann

ARVO Annual Meeting 2023

New Orleans, USA

Activation of GABAA receptors but not GABAB receptors abolishes the pathological oscillations and improve stimulation efficiency in retinitis pigmentosa mouse model rd10

Nruthyathi, Jana Gehlen, Frank Müller

Pro retinal meeting 2023

Postdam, Germany

Improving the implantation of retinal implants into small animal eye - 3D models in virtual reality and ablation of insertion sites

Wang, Jiayun; Baumgarten, Sabine; Walter, Peter

ARVO Annual Meeting 2023

New Orleans, USA

Anatomical and cell biological analyses of wild-type and rd10 retinas after electroporation-based transfection

Jiao Zhang, Frank Müller, Peter Walter, Sandra Johnen

ARVO Annual Meeting 2023

New Orleans, USA

Non-viral transfection of glial cells in suspension and in the adherent state using different electroporation devices

Saishreyas Iyer, Sven Ingebrandt, Peter Walter, Sandra Johnen

ARVO Annual Meeting 2023

New Orleans, USA

From 2D to 3D flexible intraretinal implants: towards a new generation of visual prostheses

Viviana Rincón Montes, Marie Jung, Jamal Abu Shihada, Lina Koschinski, Tibor Lohmann, Frederic K. Balcewicz, Sven Ingebrandt, Frank Müller, Peter Walter, and Andreas Offenhäusser

MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit 2023

San Francisco, USA

A 1,224-Channel 60 µm Pitch Active Closed-Loop Stimulator for Selective Retinal Ganglion Cell Type Activation

Philipp Löhler, Andreas Pickhinke, Andreas Erbslöh, Karsten Seidl

21st IEEE Interregional NEWCAS Conference 2023

Edinburgh, Scottland

Toward in vivo applications of 3D multisite intraretinal implants:  A cadaveric validation

Marie Jung, Lina Koschinski, Jamal Abu Shihada, Tibor Lohmann, Frederic Balcewiczc, Peter Walter,  Andreas Offenhäusser, and Viviana Rincon Montes

BioEl (International Winterschool on Bioelectronics) 2023

Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria

Artificial Vision


Walter P, Müller F, Ingebrandt S, Seidl K

35th Annual Meeting of the German Retina Society 2023

Würzburg, Germany

Effective Control of RGC Spiking by Activation and Suppression Through Sinusoidal Kilohertz Stimulation Waveforms

Philipp Löhler, Laura Heyermann, Nruthyathi, Andreas Albert, Andreas Erbslöh, Frank Müller, Karsten Seidl

The Eye and the Chip - 13th World Research Congress on Artificial Vision 2023

Southfield, MI, USA







Surgical anatomy of the small animal eye - 3D reconstruction and ablation effect

Wang J, Baumgarten S, Walter, P

ARVO 2022

Denver, CO, USA

Neue Ansätze der Netzhautstimulation

Peter Walter

Jahrestagung der Rheinisch-Westfälischen Augenärzte 2022

Bielefeld, Germany

Innovative Technologien für optimiertes künstliches Sehen

Peter Walter

Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Kopf- und Halschirurgie 2022

Hannover, Germany

SoC for Retinal Ganglion Cell Stimulation with Integrated Sinusoidal Kilohertz Frequency Waveform Generation

Philipp Löhler, Andreas Pickhinke, Andreas Erbslöh, Rainer Kokozinski, Karsten Seidl


Villasimus, Sardinia, Italy

Real-time Algorithm for Target-RGC Selection in Retinal Implants

Philipp Löhler, Thaameran Baskaran, Andreas Pickhinke, Andreas Erbslöh, Karsten Seidl


Glasgow, Scotland

Towards a new generation of visual prostheses

V. Rincón Montes, J. Gehlen, M.Jung, L.Koschinski, W. Mokwa, S. Ingebrandt, F. Müller2, P. Walter,  A. Offenhäusser

GRS + GRC on Neuroelectronic Interfaces 2022

Ventura, USA

Reconstruction of the surgical anatomy of eyes of experimental animals


Peter Walter, Jiayun Wang, Sabine Baumgarten

Meeting of the Club Jules Gonin 2022

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Das Netzhautimplantat

Peter Walter

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädelbasischirurgie 2022

Fulda, Germany

Verbesserung der Insertion und Implantation großer Mikrosysteme ins Kleintierauge mit 3D-Modellen und Ablation

Wang J., Walter P., Baumgarten S.

Jahrestagung der Deutschen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft 2022

San Francisco, USA

Optimizing electrical pulse parameters for electrofection on microelectrode arrays

Andrea Kauth, Lena Hegel, Sven Ingebrandt

ENFI 2022

Maastricht, Netherlands

Analyzing MEA-chip designs for electroporation-based genetic modification in novel retinal implants

Andrea Kauth, Lena Hegel, Sandra Johnen, Sven Ingebrandt

MEA Meeting 2022

Tübingen, Germany

EIS measurements as powerful tool for design and evaluation of in situ electroporation of cultivated cells on MEAs

Andrea Kauth, Lena Hegel, Marcel Tintelott, Sven Ingebrandt

BMT 2022

Innsbruck, Austria

Microelectrode array-based electroporation for use in multifunctional retinal implants

Andrea Kauth, Anne-Kathrin Mildner, Sandra Johnen, Joachim Wegener, Sven Ingebrandt

4th World congress on electroporation 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

Multiscale Softmax Cross Entropy for Fovea Localization on Color Fundus Photography

Wu, Y., Walter, P., Merhof, D.

Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2022

Heidelberg, Germany

Enhancing the activity of GABAA receptors but not GABAB receptors abolishes pathological oscillations in retinitis pigmentosa mouse model rd10

Nruthyathi, Jana Gehlen, Frank Müller

MEA meeting 2022

Tubingen, Germany

Multi-modal evaluation of neuronal integrity in the visual pathway after retinal degeneration

Jing Wang, Sandra Krause , Michael Schöneck, Markus Cremer, Thomas Rüland, Ezequiel Fahrer, Chang-Hoon Choi, Fabian Küppers, Dennis Thomas, Christoph Aretzweiler-von Schwarzenberg, N. Jon Shah, Karl-Josef Langen, Björn Kampa,Frank Müller , Antje Willuweit

INM IBI Retreat 2022

Jülich, Germany







Compact system for stimulation, recording and electroporation of cul-tivated cells on MEAs as an in-vitro test setup towards multifunctional retinal implants

Andrea Kauth, Benedikt Maurer, Daniela Brocke, Sandra Johnen, Sven Ingebrandt

BMT 2021

Hannover, Germany