Multiscale Mechanochemistry & Mechanobiology

We are excited to share that registration and abstract submission for ‘Multiscale Mechanochemistry & Mechanobiology’ is now open.

Title page in the Biophysical Journal

The cover image for the July 7 issue of the Biophysical Journal presents an inside view of the digitally reconstructed keratin network in a single epithelial cell. Fluorescent reporters were used to…

In stillem Gedenken an Dr. Dr. Henning Beier

Das Institut für Molekular und Zelluläre Anatomie trauert um Henning Beier. (Nachruf)

Selection of Adam Breitscheidel's drawing for the title page of The Journal of Pathology

The selection of Adam Breitscheidel's sketch of the molecular alterations in transgenic mice overexpressing mutated alpha 1-antitrypsin and hepatitis B surface protein for the title page of the May…

Transistor-based impedimetric monitoring of cell-substrate adhesion

ME3T Lectures

Thursday, 17 December 2020 at 10.15 a.m.

Sven Ingebrandt Professor in Molecular Science & Engineering RWTH Aachen Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


Weihnachtsfeier 2020

MOCA congratulates Richard

We are happy to announce the successful defense of Richard Coch and the publication of the bulk of his dissertation in the International Journal of Molecular Science. His article entitled…

Successful doctoral thesis defense of Nadine Lubos

We proudly celebrate the successful doctoral thesis defense of Nadine Lubos on the "Die strukturellen und molekularen Veränderungen in der Frühphase der arrhythmogenen rechtsventrikuläre…

The challenges and rewards of organizing a "retreat" in Corona times

Successful doctoral thesis defense of Ina Bezrucav

We proudly celebrate the successful doctoral thesis defense of Ina Bezrucav on the "Analyse der strukturellen und molekularen Veränderungen der Vorhöfe von Dsg2 knock out-Mäusen, einem murinen…

Successful doctoral thesis defense of Thomas Kienzle

We celebrate together with Thomas Kienzle and clink glasses wishing him all the best for a bright future.

Study of mitotic progression using flexible microscope solutions

ALMA- Lectures on Advanced Microscopy

March 4th, 2020, 15.00 - 17.00 h

Lecture by: Daniel Moreno-Andres

Seminar Room (Raum 304) MOCA, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Anatomy MTI-1, Wendlingweg…