Drug metabolism and kinetics

To understand the effects a drug has on the body it is essential to understand the way it is metabolized and the factors that may affect the drug metabolism. The individual genetic make-up often determines the efficacy of a certain drug and whether adverse drug reaction might occur. But also other aspects such as the tissue compartment/tissue the drug is localized in, drug-drug interactions, enzyme interactions or the presence of exo- or endogenous chemical agents may alter the functionality of drug metabolizing enzymes. To better comprehend human drug metabolism, we conduct multidisciplinary research at the interface of pharmacology, biochemistry, enzymology and medical chemistry. Our enzymatic research projects aim at a deeper understanding of metabolic profiles and factors that influence them in order to gain insights that contribute to a safe and efficacious drug therapy.

A current research project (SCFIII) focuses on the drug metabolism by CNS-specific cytochrome P450 oxidoreductases in iPS-cell derived cortical organoids.