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Digital Holographic Microscopy

ALMA Lectures on Advanced Microscopy

Discussion forum on "Cell stretcher: Design and applications"

30 experts from the UK, France, Finland and Germany with backgrounds in diverse life science disciplines and engineering convened at MOCA for two days of intense discussions on the latest developments…

Retirement of Ursula Wilhelm

It was with bags of gratitude that we said farewell to our highly esteemed co-worker Ursula Wilhelm who embarks on her new and exciting life as a retiree. We wish her all the best and will miss her.

Measuring Forces in Cell Monolayers

ALMA Lectures on Advanced Microscopy

„Fit im Job“

The jogging team at the MOCA also this year keep being very persistence to have a good work-health balance. Every Thursday, 11:30 sharp, members of the department meet to go jogging together and clear…

New Research Group at MOCA

We are happy to announce that MOCA is now hosting a new junior group leader from the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF). Jacopo Di Russo research will focus on the mechanobiology of…

Successful doctroral thesis defense

We applaud Kateryna’s excellent defense of her MD thesis! 

IF Meeting

Nicole Schwarz and Sonja Lehmann organized the fall meeting on intermediate filaments at MOCA from October 11 to October 12. The workshop included researchers from all over Germany as well as…

Aachener Firmenlauf

Team MOCA took part successfully in the Aachener Firmenlauf and won the 9th place of 194 places in the 7.2 km race.

Measuring and Modelling and Cell Migration

The second conference on "Measuring and Modelling and Cell Migration" focused on mechanobiological aspect and took place at MOCA. The mix of renowned speakers from all over the world with experts from…

Dr. rer. nat. Claudia Krusche erhält PAULA-Preis

Wir gratulieren Dr. rer. nat. Claudia Krusche zum Preis für Ausgezeichnete Universitäre Lehre, vergeben durch Aachens Medizinstudierende (PAULA) in der Kategorie BESONDERES ENGAGEMENT ganz herzlich!…

Internationales InCeM Symposium „Measuring and Modelling Cell Migration” in Wien

Am 22. und 23. Februar 2018 findet das internationale InCeM Symposium „Measuring and Modelling Cell Migration” in Wien statt. Das Projekt wird vom Initiator, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Rudolf Leube,…