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Einweihung des Denkmals für Körperspender

Rund 80 Personen entscheiden sich pro Jahr in Aachen dazu, ihren Körper nach dem Ableben dem Anatomischen Institut der Uniklinik RWTH Aachen für Lehr- und Forschungszwecke zur Verfügung zu stellen. In…

1st place at 2017 photomicrography competition

Picture of our human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT B10 wins first place at 2017 photomicrography competition. The cell line produces fluorescent keratin 5 and was first described by Drs. Nicole Schwarz…

Another of MOCA’s pictures was selected as cover image for the Journal of Cell Science

Cover: A circumferential rim of subplasmalemmal keratins interconnects desmosomes. The microscopic survey projection view depicts the fluorescence emitted by a keratin-8–YFP fusion in the…

DFG SPP 1782 Symposium

Epithelial intercellular junctions as dynamic hubs to integrate forces, signals and cell behavior

Our annual excursion: a day in the zoo on September 19th 2017

Motto of the day: Aim high and indulge!

PAULA-Auszeichnung für Prof. Andreas Prescher

Bei der im Vorfeld der Pathofete stattfindenden PAULA-Verleihung (Preis für ausgezeichnete universitäre Lehre vergeben durch Aachens Medizinstudierende) freute sich Prof. Andreas Prescher über die…

Successful doctoral thesis defense

We proudly celebrate the successful doctoral thesis defense of Mugdha Sawant on the "Role of phosphorylation in keratin reorganization" and wish Mugdha all the best for her future scientific career.

Mechanobiology: How cells and tissues respond to and deal with mechanical stress

The ERS-funded minisymposium on mechanobiology brought together leading experts with local groups. Besides a stimulating morning program, lab visits and intense discussions provided immense input into…

Archäologie und Medizin kommen zu ähnlichen Ergebnissen: Leprakranke waren im mittelalterlichen Aachen offenbar gut versorgt

LVR legt deutschlandweit einmaligen Forschungsbericht zu Gut Melaten vor

Heraeus-Seminar "Cellular Dynamics"

We congratulate Nadieh Kuijpers on the award for her poster "Keratin and actin dynamics during epithelial cell migration" that she presented during the Heraeus-Seminar "Cellular Dynamics". The meeting…

Sebastian Kant defended his PhD thesis

We are proud to announce that Sebastian Kant defended his PhD thesis on "Cardiomyopathy caused by desmoglein 2 mutation: Elucidation of pathomechanisms" on April 16th with distinction.


Oliver Krings finished successfully his MD thesis

We congratulate Oliver Krings who finished successfully his MD Thesis “Studies of extracellular trophoblast invasion in different polarized endometrial epithelial cell lines in vitro”.