Main themes

Our main conference theme is „Beyond disciplinary boundaries – Transdisciplinary perspectives on multisensory stimulation for innovative and creative solutions in a Post-Covid era”. As such, we welcome contributions dealing with…

  • Inter- and transdisciplinary research supporting informed decision-making
  • Advancements in technology and digitalisation
  • Policy, regulations and compliance

…and tackling or going beyond one or more of the following main themes of Healthy Buildings 2023 Europe:

A. Occupant health and well-being

  • Perception of indoor climate, air, daylight, sound, odour and its impact on psychology and physiology
  • Diseases and disorders related to ventilation and indoor climate
  • Measures and metrics for evaluating occupant comfort and well-being
  • Climate change challenges and solutions: predicted effects, overheating and precipitation, mitigation strategies

B. Building design and operation

  • Sustainable, energy efficient design strategies, passive cooling
  • Refurbishments
  • Occupant-centric design and operation
  • Occupant behaviour and adaptation
  • Best-practice guidelines and recommendations in design and operation
  • Community-scale challenges and solutions: mind-set change, awareness, and education
  • Urban-scale challenges and solutions: outdoor air quality, urban climate, heat-island effects