Seminars & workshops

We are happy to announce the following confirmed workshops by renowned experts in their fields:

Portable lab to study audio-visual perception in virtual reality
by Heck, Jonas et al.

Global Database of Thermal Comfort Physiological Responses
by Wu, Zhibin et al.

Indoor environmental quality in schools
by Roberts, Katherine et al.

Who bears the costs of an (un)healthy building?
by Flagner, Stegan et al.

An International Network of Networks for Well-being in the Built Environment (IN2WIBE)
by O’Neill, Zheng et al.

Occupant-centric building design and operation
by Wagner, Andreas et al.

Personalised Environmental Control Systems: Potentials for Well-being and Energy in Buildings
by Khovalyg, Dolaana et al.

Are you comfortable?: People’s Comfort and Health in Smart Buildings through Monitoring IEQ and Interacting with the Environmental Control Systems
by Kacel, Seda et al.

Design frameworks to improve the indoor thermal resilience of low energy buildings using ventilative cooling approaches
by Sohail, Maha et al.

Indoor soundscape and ventilation: how to cross disciplinary boundaries
by Torresin, Simone et al.

Indoor winter warmth: what is good enough and how do we achieve it?
by Teli, Despoina et al.

Thermal comfort for children: can we adopt the evaluation framework used for adults?
by Babich, Francesco et al.

An interactive introduction to INCHEM-Py
by Shaw, David et al.