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How can higher user satisfaction and optimized building design be achieved through dynamic and decentralized adaptation to individual needs? This is the question addressed by a new study conducted by the Technical University of Munich in cooperation with the Teaching and Research Area Healthy Living Spacesat the Institute for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, for which voluntary and healthy student participants are being sought. The study will run until the beginning of September.

The aim is to investigate the extent to which the different environmental parameters of the rooms have a differentiated effect on the physiological reactions of the test subjects. They will each work for 6 hours in one of the differently air-conditioned office rooms. Physiological reactions such as sweat activity and changes in skin temperature will be measured. Participation will take place on four non-consecutive days. On the days you can work on your own laptop in the office rooms or otherwise occupy yourself (reading, talking on the phone, etc.), the only important thing is that a normal working day is imitated. While you are working, you will wear a non-invasive wrist monitor that measures your heart rate, skin temperature, and sweat activity. For the majority of the study period, you will be able to perform your own tasks and have the option of a quiet undisturbed workspace to do so. After successful participation, you will take part in a lottery and seven out of the 47 participants will receive a voucher for a total amount of 100 €. Possible travel expenses have to be paid by yourself.


If you are interested in participating, please first check whether the following criteria apply to you:

- student

- Female and male participants

- Age: 20-35 years old

- Voluntary participation, signed consent form

- Generally healthy

- Non-active COVID-19 infection (based on lateral flow testing).

If these criteria apply to you, please send us a brief email based on which we will provide you with further information. To do so, please contact the study team by email or phone.


Study team
Phone: 0241 80-83146

Further information can be found here.

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