Further support from the DFG for the project to elucidate the function of TRPM2 in the model organism "Nematostella vectensis"

The DFG project of Dr. Frank Kühn (AG Lückhoff) has already provided important impulses for the structural and functional elucidation of the gating mechanism of TRPM2. Another aim of this DFG project is to investigate the physiological role of TRPM2 in the model organism Nematostella vectensis. This question is currently addressed as part of a doctoral thesis. In mammals, TRPM2 is crucially involved in the process of apoptosis triggered by oxidative stress and may also play a role in the regulation of core body temperature. Our preliminary data using TRPM2-knockout mutants are quite promising. The further funding by the DFG is therefore very much welcomed to continue this successful project.

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