Range of Services

The clinic for nuclear medicine offers a wide range of services. Various nuclear medical examinations offer you the earlyest-possible diagnosis, which makes it feasible to find a suitable therapy. Thyroid gland diagnostics, heart and lung diagnostics, kidney diagnostics, scintigraphy and abdominal diagnostics are among the examinations that are carried out at the University Hospital.

Molecular imaging using PET/ PET-CT and SPECT examinations is another relevant part of the work of the Department for Nuclear Medicine.

Molecular imaging using PET/PET-CT

  • [18F] FDG (tumor staging, therapy monitoring, dementia diagnostics)
  • [18F] Choline (staging, recurrence diagnosis)
  • [18F] FDOPA (staging, recurrence diagnosis)
  • [18F] FET (recurrence diagnosis)
  • [18F] Florbetapir (dementia diagnostics)
  • [68Ga] DOTATOC (tumor staging, restaging)
  • [68Ga] PSMA (Staging, Recurrence Diagnosis)

Once a disease has been diagnosed, various forms of therapy are available at the Clinic for Nuclear Medicine.


  • Radio-Iodine therapy of benign thyroid diseases
  • Radio-Iodine therapy of malignant thyroid diseases
  • Radiosynoviothesis
  • Selective Internal Radiotherapy (SIRT)
  • Peptide receptor radiotherapy (PRRT)
  • Therapy of prostate cancer with [177Lu] PSMA

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