Your hospital stay

Nobody looks forward to a hospital stay, but our team of experienced, highly-qualified doctors and nursing staff will do all they can to make your time here as pleasant as possible. 

You will be staying in one of our patient-friendly single or two-bed rooms looking outside. Large windows allow natural light to flood your room and offer attractive views of green courtyards or pleasant scenery. 

All the rooms have telephone and television connections. If you would like a telephone in your room, please mention it when you are admitted. You can then make phone calls within Germany and abroad and can also be reached by phone. Click here for more information about patient telephones.

You can listen to public radio stations in your room on channels I and II; the hospital’s own radio program is broadcast on channel III. 

Comfortable apartments or rooms in our patient guesthouse are available for outpatients, their relatives and visitors.

We point out that there is a general ban on filming and photography in the entire university hospital and its associated facilities. Please help us to protect the privacy of our patients and all those working in our clinic.

We hope that you will feel comfortable with us and take away positive memories of our clinic.