Information for doctors

Uniklinik RWTH Aachen Accident & Emergency department serves patients who are injured or at acute risk. Only initial treatment is administered in A & E. Afterwards, the patient is either admitted as an inpatient or discharged for outpatient treatment. 

Please register your patients beforehand so that the diagnostic procedures and treatment can be coordinated as perfectly as possible. The number for registering your patients is 0241 80-80173. The senior consultants on call can usually help you further. If this is impossible, you will be connected with the doctor on call in the department responsible for your patient.

Helpful information
Please notify us whether your patient requires monitoring or intensive care and tell us how he will be taken to the hospital (helicopter, ambulance, taxi). Please send important findings, x-rays and medication plans to the hospital with the patient. 

When sending a patient to us for assessment or treatment, please submit the corresponding admission/transfer note. Transfer him directly to the department you want him to be treated in, as this will simplify the patient triage in A & E and speed up the relevant processes. 

Elective admission
If you wish to admit a chronically ill patient or a patient requiring hospital diagnosis of unclear, non-acute symptoms, please contact the outpatient department of the relevant clinic or the doctor on call at the clinic to which you wish to have your patient admitted. 

Accidents at work
If your patient has suffered an accident at work, the accident insurance report will be compiled solely in A & E by the medical referee. General treatment will then be provided generally by any colleague in an outpatient practice, specialist treatment by a medical referee in an outpatient practice or during the medical referee’s consulting hours at the Trauma Surgery Clinic. If inpatient treatment is required, the patient will be admitted to our Trauma Surgery Clinic.