Aachen-Maastricht Institute for CardioRenal Disease

Heart-kidney interaction - from knowledge to therapy

Aachen and Maastricht combine their cardiorenal research to develop new therapeutic options to reduce cardiovascular diseases in patients with chronic kidney disease

Pioneering into the field of cardiorenal research, the RWTH Aachen and Maastricht University (UM) have established a strong and successful cross-border collaboration over the past 10 years, bringing cardiovascular and renal research of both institutes closely together.

This has resulted in a common cross-border research platform (IMCARIM), multiple collaborative Aachen-Maastricht cardiovascular and cardiorenal projects and jointly acquired third-party funding, joint high-impact publications, patents, PhD students as well as joint professors and research group leaders.

Extending on this successful collaboration, AMICARE as Aachen-Maastricht Institute for CardioRenal Disease is being erected to further promote innovation and dedication in the field of cardiorenal research.

AMICARE, as a joint international institute between the RWTH Aachen and Maastricht University, brings the cooperation between Aachen and Maastricht in the field of cardiorenal research to the highest level: The full potential in the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, international visibility as well as industry-relevant research is being exploited.

Thereby, AMICARE will fully support translational, cardiorenal patient-oriented research and cutting-edge innovation in the cardiorenal field by joint research & development of clinic, science and industry. In this way, university research and patient care will proceed hand in hand with the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry to simultaneously prepare the ground for clinical progress as well as industrial value creation.