Another of MOCA’s pictures was selected as cover image for the Journal of Cell Science

Cover: A circumferential rim of subplasmalemmal keratins interconnects desmosomes. The microscopic survey projection view depicts the fluorescence emitted by a keratin-8–YFP fusion in the trophectoderm of a murine blastocyst. The fusion protein is produced from a knock-in allele of the endogenous keratin 8 gene containing a YFP-encoding gene insertion at its 3'-end. Keratin filaments run parallel to the plasma membrane of adjacent cells that are connected by desmosomal cell–cell adhesions and extend toward the cell interior where they form a three-dimensional network surrounding the nucleus. Together, they form a rim and spoke network that connects the plasma membrane and nuclear compartments to support the mechanosensory functions of intermediate filaments. See article by R. A. Quinlan et al. (pp. 3437–3445).

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