Research in the Institute of Neuropathology

The scientific work in the institute has a long-standing focus on neurodegeneration and neuromuscular pathology. Due to our diagnostic responsibilities and well established national and international collaborations we have access to a large number of diverse cases ranging from neurodegenerative diseases of the CNS and the PNS to various myopathies, in the form of biopsy (nerve, muscle, skin) and autopsy material. This, together with animal and cell culture models, enables us to conduct a number of comparative and translational research projects for the better understanding of the underlying pathomechanisms of these diseases.

In close connection with this we have also done extensive research in the field of CNS and PNS nerve regeneration with special focus on the use of biomaterials.

Here you can find more detailed information on the specific scientific interests, applied methods and ongoing, as well as past research activities of our colleagues.


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