Current studies suggest that an excess of lipid intermediates, which are secreted by hypertrophic fat cells (adipocytes) determine the degree of tissue inflammation. The mature adipocytes isolated from human tissue samples show an increased secretion of lipid intermediates by the hydrolysis of Trigyceride compared to immature pre-adipocytes. The main enzyme for the hydrolysis of Trigyceride consists of a complex of "Adipose Triglyceride Lipase" (ATGL) and "hormone-sensitive lipase" (HSL), which are stimulated by inflammatory factors, like TNFa, IL-1b, IL-8 and IL-6, and thus enhance the lipid secretion. Through a detailed study, we were able to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of IL-8 gene regulation. In addition, we identified specific IL-8 inhibitors which could theoretically block the stimulation of Lipase complexes in cells. It remains to be clairified whether these inhibitors can inhibit the hydrolysis of Trigyceride in human fat tissue.