The group is currently funded by:

2019 – 2021    Grant of the Wilhelm Sander foundation for the modulation of myeloid cells in hepatocarcinogenesis (grant no.2018.129.1), two years

2019 –2022    Grant of the German Research Foundation for nanocarriers for small-non coding RNA to treat liver diseases, three years

2019 – 2020    Long term stipend with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) GERLS Call 2018/2019, for PhD student Asmaa Mostafa Abdelaal Mohamed, for 24 months (as host). RNA-based     nanomedicines.

Completed research support:

COST Action BM1404 Mye-EUNITER which is part of the European Union Framework Program Horizon 2020 (

2016 –2017: Wilhelm Sander Foundation The role of monocytic immune cells for hepatocarcinogenesis and releance of therapeutic modulation of CCR2-dependent invasion and differentiation

2014 – 2015 START-Programm der Medizinischen Fakultät der RWTH-Aachen

2007 – 2010 DFG fellow in the graduate school „Biointerface“