SNiPER Panel

We have developed a minimally invasive blood based biomarker test consisting of a panel of epigenetic biomarkers for the early detection of breast cancer.

The SNiPER panel comprises the promoter methylation biomarkers SPAG6, NKX2-6, ITIH5 and PER1. The test has high sensitivity and specificity and is applicable for a wider patient group compared to the gold standard mammography, which often has insufficient patient compliance and sometimes poor sensitivity. Blood based biomarkers could lead to higher adherence and early detection of breast cancer, which is key to successful treatment and outcomes.

In 2016, the SNiPER panel already won the PerMediCon Award (1st place) of the Personalized Medicine Convention, a trade fair for personalized medicine in Cologne.

Publication: "SNiPER: a novel hypermethylation biomarker panel for liquid biopsy based early breast cancer detection"

Verleihung der PerMediCon Awards 2016

News: Jolein Mijnes ist Gewinnerin des PerMediCon-Awards 2016