We do histochemical tissue stains to analyze the tissues morphologically as well as state-of the art automated immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence in order to detect specific proteins.

Cell culture/functional characterization

Our cell culture work is based on established cell lines, with which we perform knock-in and knock-out genetically modified models in order to study functional effects of genetic alterations. Furthermore, we perform drug-response assays with the genetically modified cells. Within collaborative projects we also started ex-vivo culture of cells in order to verify in vitro data.


Gene expression analysis by RT-PCR is a standard technique in our lab to check the expression of genes. Broader gene expression analyses via arrays or sequencing is done with our collaborators at the IZKF or the Cologne Genome Center.

Protein-expression/signaling pathway activation

Is further confirmed by Western-Blot analysis, which is constantly performed in our lab.


For the analysis of the genetic modifications in tumors and their ancestral structure we perform next-generation-sequencing analysis either by ourselves (panel based diagnostics) or in collaboration with the Cologne Genome Center (whole exome sequencing).

Epigenetics/gene regulation

Besides alterations of the genetic code also DNA-methylation can turn on and off gene expression. We do pyrosequencing and, in collaboration, array based DNA-methylation analyses.