“Cancer stem cells from triple negative breast cancer use TGF-ß signaling to remodel the tumor microenvironment and metastasize to the liver“ funded by the German Cancer Aid (Grant ID:70115581) with 418.994€ together with the AG Weiskirchen, UK Aachen.

“Paclitaxel-Picelles for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Therapy” funded by the BMBF (German Science Ministry) with over 2 Mio € for all partners (AG Maurer/223,856€) together with AG Lammers, AG Morgenroth (UK Aachen), AG Wendler (Fraunhofer PAZ), CTCR Aachen and EPO (Berlin)

Past Funding

“Development of an improved immunotherapy with less side-effects based on Tumor-targeting and inducible immune reactions” funded by Europäische Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE, Förderkennzeichen 0801765) (220,347 € für die Molekulare Gynäkologie/AG Maurer, total volume of 2,85 Mio €/ 1,17 Mio € for UK RWTH Aachen)

“Importance of vascular prostate specific membrane antigen for the endogenous radiotherapy of triple-negative breast cancer” (FKZ: 70113780) funded by the German Cancer Aid (367,955€) together with AG Morgenroth, UK Aachen

“Funktionale miRNA-Untersuchung der Metastasierung in einem individualisierten, patienten-spezifischen Brustkrebsstammzellmodell“ (102/19) funded by START-Uniklinikum Aachen (102.000€)

„In vitro-Challenge – Entwicklung und Etablierung von individuellen biomimetischen Humantumormodellen zur Entwicklung und Testung neuer Therapeutika“ funded by the BMBF (50.000€)

“IRAK2 induces differentiation in breast cancer stem cells” (MA 6320/1-1) funded by the DFG (215,000€)

Memono- Metabolic Monitoring in an Organ-on-chip-System Funding through Land Baden-Württemberg (468,000€) together with AG Urban

Part of the GADETA Eurostars Grant “Developing tools to assess efficacy and safety of the promising TEG treatment for solid tumors” (E11497 – TEST) Funding by the European Union (1,6000,000€) together with AG Schamel/Minguet (BIOSS Freiburg), Gadeta B.V. (Netherlands), CellTool (Germany) and Hubrecht Organoid Technology (Netherlands)

IZKF “Advanced Program” 3D-Advanced Tumor-tissue Application Chemotherapy-concept (3D-ATAC) (20,000€)

Bridge-funding (Forschungskommission Freiburg): Postdoctoral position with lab funds to evaluate the effects of Histone deacetylase inhibitor Methylstat on breast cancer stem cells (35,000€)

ChemMon3D – novel 3D models of cancer replacing animal models. Funding through Land Baden-Württemberg (160,000€) together with AG Urban (IMTEK)

Member of SFB850, Project C8: “Role of EMT and cellular motility in cancer stem cells isolated from triple negative breast cancer” (480,000€)

DKTK Juniorgroup, ”Targeting the kinome to induce differentiation in human breast cancer stem cells” (600,000€)

Department of Defense Postdoctoral Fellowship (BC093655), independant research grant “Establishment, Analysis, and Differentiation of Basal-Like Breast Cancer Stem Cells” (320,000$ with overhead for 3 years)