Measuring instruments

German Open Scale of Social Information Processing (GOSSIP)

GOSSIP is the first model-based German assessment for several social information processing (SIP) mechanisms. Based on the subject’s individual situation (age, siblings, smartphone use) the participant is presented with 6 ambiguous and one unambiguous vignette. A vignette always consists of a picture and a short description of a social situation. Participants are presented with questions about their interpretation, emotions, goals in the situation, possible behavioral responses, and evaluation of the selected behavior.

The tool can be used to classify individuals into SIP profiles that differ in terms of the underlying cognitive, emotional and behavioral response tendencies. The tool is currently available in German and English. We developed GOSSIP to assess SI processes in boys and girls aged eight to 21 years. First, 61 scenarios were evaluated by an expert group and piloted with 48 healthy participants (aged 8-21). The best-rated scenarios were then implemented in a web-based application. For the validation of the tool 191 participants completed GOSSIP. Internal consistencies for the emotional and cognitive GOSSIP scales were determined. Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) was used to identify subgroups of children and adolescents. Additionally, the external validity of the participants` attribution tendencies in GOSSIP were evaluated in real-life by smartphone-based Ecological Momentary Assessments. All information about the development and validation of GOSSIP can be found here:

Niestroj, S. C., Steden, S., Boecker, M., Brodkin, E. S., & Konrad, K. (2022). The Development and Validation of the First German Open Scale of Social Information Processing. Psychopathology, 1–12. Advance online publication.


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Access to GOSSIP

Scientists can get free access to GOSSIP as an offline version. All data collected with GOSSIP will be stored exclusively on your research computer. Further assistance for data analysis can be provided. If you are interested in getting access to GOSSIP or have further questions, please contact: sniestrojukaachende.

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