Forschungsförderung (Peer review)

2020                         Titel: International Psychoimmunology Expert Meeting, DFG, PI: 22.000 Euro

2019-2022                 Titel: Breath gas markers for clinical states and NMDAR functioning in depression“,
                                 Investigator Initiated Trial, Firma Janssen, PI: 64.000 Euro

2019-2022                 Titel: “CHIMPS-NET - Kinder und Jugendliche mit psychisch kranken und
                                 suchtkranken Eltern - children of mentaly ill parents - network”,
                                 Innovationsausschuss des G-BA, Gesamt: 6.797.740,00 €, als Partner

2018-2021                 Titel: Förderung der Begleitforschung für den Erfolg von
                                 kompetenzbezogenen Auswahlverfahren der Hochschulen im Rahmen
                                 des „Masterplans Medizinstudium 2020“, 2.500.000,00 €, Kooperationspartner

2018-2021                 Titel: Deep-Learning and HPC to Boost Biomedical Applications for Health
                                 (DeepHealth): EU Horizon 2020: H2020-ICT-2018-2021, total funding:
                                 12,774,854.26 EUR, als PI: 636.875 Euro

2018                          Titel: Lehrprojekt der Medizinischen Fakultät Magdeburg:
                                 Simulationspatienten, PI: 2.500 Euro

2017                          Titel: Trauma and Genomics Modulate Brain Structure Across Common
                                 Psychiatric Disorders, National Institute of Health (NIH),
                                 International Consultant (R01MH111671), 12.000 personal funding 

2017                          Titel: Individualized Digital DEcision Assist System (IDDEAS) for
                                 the diagnosis and management of mental&behavior disorders in
                                 children&adolescent (Reference Number: 269117, Norge)
                                 International Collaborator (travel expanses cover)

2016                          Titel: iHEAR Meanings and mechanisms of psychotic experiences
                                 in young people, ERC Consolidator Grant to Prof. Mary Cannon,
                                 Official Collaborator

2015-2018                 Titel: Early life stress and the etiopathogenesis of auditory
                                 hallucinations in young people. Institution: Health Research Board
                                 Ireland (HRB: Reference HRA-PHR-2015-1323),
                                 329.267 €, PIs: Cannon, Clarke, Coughlan, Frodl, Kelly, Leemans

2015-2018                 Titel: Research in Depression: Endocrinology, Epigenetics and neuroiMaging:
                                 the REDEEM study. Institution: Health Research Board Ireland
                                 (HRB: Reference HRA-POR-2015-1317),
                                 317.162 €, PIs: O’Keane, Frodl, Harkin, O’Mara

2014-2018                 Titel: Functional as well as structural brain connectivity and
                                 epigenetic changes in major depressive disorder associated with
                                 remission and persistence of symptoms over a 5 year course.
                                 Institution: Health Research Board Ireland
                                 (HRB: Reference HRA-POR-2014), 329.000 €, Principal Investigator,
                                 Co-PIs: O’Keane, Gill, Carballedo

2013-2018                 Titel: Brain Imaging Return to Health, rebirth, Institution:
                                 EU FP7, ITN, 4,2 MIO Euro as PI,
                                 730.000 Euro personal funding, Principal Investigator

2013-2016                 Titel: Genetic variation in the muscarinic cholinergic M2
                                 receptor gene and cholinergic neurotransmission in bipolar disorder.
                                 Institution: Health Research Board Ireland
                                 (HRB: Reference HRA-POR-2013-324), 302,586 €, Applicants: D Cannon,
                                 C McDonald, C Scanlon, T Frodl, A Fagan

2013-2015                 Titel: MRI Marker bei Patienten mit Intelligenzminderung und Psychose,
                                 Lehrstuhl Psychiatrie, Universität Regensburg, 12.000 €,
                                 Principal Investigator

2013                         Titel: Association between inflammatory markers and brain structure
                                and function: Institution: IT3 Canadian Student Exchange Programme,
                                4.500 Euro, Co-Principal Investigator

2012-2015                Titel: The Anatomy of Risk: a population based imaging study of adolescents,
                                Health Research Board Ireland (HRB), HRA_PHS/2012/28), 301.105,70 €,
                                Applicants: M Cannon; M Clarke; T Frodl; A Leemans; E O'Hanlon; P  McGuire

2012-2015                Titel: Cognitive remediation therapy in schizophrenia. Health Research Board
                                Ireland, 310.796 € PI: Gary Donohoe, Co-PI: Ian Robertson;
                                Collaborators: Thomas Frodl, Aiden Corvin.

2011-2016                Titel: Translational Functional Neuroimaging at the School of Medicine
                                and School of Psychology, Usher Lectureship, Trinity College Dublin,
                                300.000 Euro, Principal Investigator

2011-2014                Titel: Neural and stress correlates of resilience in an
                                exercise-cognitive-behavioural programme, Meath Foundation,
                                74.289 Euro, Principal Investigator

2011-2014                Titel: Clinical and biological outcome of adults with childhood
                                diagnosed Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
                                Health Research Board Ireland, 249.409 Euro,
                                Principal Investigator

2011                         Titel: Student Project: MRI in early detection of psychosis,
                                Spur-on Summerschool Studentships, 8.000 Euro,
                                Principal Investigator

2009-2012                Titel: Neural Correlates of Theory of Mind, Irish Research Council
                                (IRCSET), PhD Studentship, Supervisor, 75.000 Euro, Principal Investigator

2009                         Titel: Aging_Hormone. Institution: EU FP7 Marie Curie Fellowship to
                                Jean-Claude Dreher, 220.000 Euro, Co-PI, seit 2010 PI

2008-2013                 Titel: Stokes Professorship Funding. Institution: Science FoundationIreland
                                 (SFI), 1.200.000 Euro, Principal Investigator

2008                          Titel: Vulnerability markers in affective disorders. Institution:
                                 School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, 250.000 Euro,
                                 Principal Investigator

2005-2007                  Titel: Serotonergic levels as measured with [I-123] ADAM SPECT
                                 influence the structural and functional integrity of the human
                                 brain in major depression. Institution: Eli-Lilly Foundation, Indianapolis,
                                 131.640 Euro, Principal Investigator

2004                         Titel: MRT Verlaufsuntersuchung bei Patienten mit Depressionen und
                                gesunden Probanden. Institution: Friedrich-Baur-Stiftung, LMU München,
                                4.000 Euro, Principal Investigator

2001-2003                Titel: In vivo-Untersuchung der Serotonintransporter mittels [I-123]
                                ADAM SPECT bei Patienten mit einer ersten depressiven Episode, 
                                bei therapieresistenten depressiven Patienten und gesunden Kontrollen.
                                Institution: Förderung der Forschung und Lehre an der Medizinischen
                                Fakultät der Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München, 43.460 Euro,
                                Principal Investigator