Group Members

We like to be as diverse as our gut microbiomes.

Below are the countries of origin of present and past group members.

Lab Management

MTA Soheila Razavi
General lab manager
Tel.: 0241 80-88443 and -38006

B.Sc. Ntana Kousetzi
Next generation sequencing
Tel.: 0241 80-38468

B.Sc. Selina Nüchtern
iSOMiC platform
Tel.: 0241 80-36239

Project coordination

M.Sc. Maja Magel
Tel.: 0241 80-38117

Data Stewardship

Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Marko Baloh
Tel.: 0241 80-38468

Dr. Thomas Hitch (CRC1382 Rising Star)
Tel.: 0241 80-38117

Dr. Charlie Pauvert 
Tel.: 0241 80-38117

Dr. Nicole Treichel
Tel.: 0241 80-38117

Dr. David Wylensek
Tel.: 0241 80-38117

PhD candidates

M.Sc. Johanna Bosch
Tel.: 0241 80-38117

M.Sc. Susan Jennings
Tel.: 0241 80-38439

M.Sc. Johannes Masson
Tel.: 0241 80-38468

M.Sc. Atscharah Panyot
Tel.: 0241 80-38468

M.Sc. Alina Viehof
Tel.: 0241 80-38468

M.Sc. Esther Wortmann
Tel.: 0241 80-38117


M.Sc. Afrizal Afrizal
(former PhD candidate; 2023)
Main publication 1
Main publication 2

Dr. Neeraj Kumar 
(former PhD candidate; 2021)
Main publication 1

Dr. Theresa Streidl 
(former PhD candidate; 2021)
Main publication 1 

Dr. Ilias Lagkouvardos
(former Postdoctoral fellow; 2017)
Main publication 1
Main publication 2
Main publication 3
Main publication 4

Dr. Sarah Just
(former PhD student; 2017)
Main publication 1
Main publication 2

Former Master students

Emily Richter; 2022; Characterizing the lipase activity of Collinsella aerofaciens strains from human feces

Susan Jennings; 2021; Minimal microbial consortia in gnotobiotic mice

Hatice Demirel; 2021; Optimization of a continuous culture system for a synthetic community of the murine gut microbiome

Kevin Bisdorf; 2020; Strain-level diversity of Bacteroides between different host species

Johannes Masson; 2020; Ecology and function of lipolytic enzymes within the mammalian microbiome

Hannah Weger; 2020; Impact of bile acid conversion by the mouse gut bacterium Extibacter muris on gut epithelium and liver

Alina Viehof; 2019; Feasibility and optimisation of single-cell printing of mammalian gut bacteria

Lisa Alker; 2019; Etablierung von qPCR-Assays zur Evaluierung der Zusammensetzung von Minimalmikrobiomen