Group Members

Group Leader

Joel Selkrig Dr. rer. nat.
University W1 Junior Professor for Mucosal Infection Biology (Tenure Track)
Phone: +49 241 80-88351

Joel completed his Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Medical and Molecular Microbiology) with honors in the lab of Cynthia Whitchurch, where he studied the role of extracellular DNases of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. He then undertook his PhD in the lab or Trevor Lithgow, where he co-discovered a novel secretion machine (the Translocation and Assembly Module – TAM) that diverse Gram-negative bacteria use to transport adhesive proteins to the bacterial cell surface. For his first postdoctoral appointment, he then moved to Singapore in the lab of Sven Pettersson (NTU) to study how commensal gut microbiota modulate animal behavior and brain function. He then moved to the EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany) as an EMBO Long Term and EIPOD fellow where he adapted and established several proteome-wide approaches to enable the discovery of novel mechanisms underlying host-microbe interactions.

Since February 2022, he joined the Medical Microbiology Department at the RWTH University Hospital in Aachen as a W1 Junior Professor in Mucosal Infection Biology. His research focusses on using proteomics as a tool to drive the discovery of effector proteins secreted by human gut microbiota, with the aim of elucidating their role in human health and disease.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Marléne Birk, PhD

Marlène completed her Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural sciences at Giessen University and then moved to Wageningen to pursue a master’s degree in plant biotechnology, with a specialized focus on plant‐microbe interactions. For her PhD Marlène joined the laboratory of Emmanuelle Charpentier at the Max‐Planck‐Unit for the Science of Pathogens where she developed a new LC‐MS‐based multiplexed protein quantification method to simultaneously determine time‐resolved protein degradation and synthesis in Listeria monocytogenes during infection. In May 2022 she joined the Selkrig Lab at the University Hospital Aachen. 

Technical Assistant (TA)

Ingrid Breuer, TA

After completing her Chemistry Technical Assistant (CTA) education at RWTH University Aachen, Ingrid switched from chemistry to biology. There she began as technician in the special botany research group of Prof. M. Frentzen at RWTH University Aachen, where she gained experience in cell culture and molecular biology. Ingrid subsequently joined the Medical Microbiology Department at the University Hospital in Aachen as member in the RLS within the group of Dr. M. van der Linden, where she worked with Streptococcus pneumoniae. After three years, she then moved to the Department of Neurology and joined the Chorea Huntington research group of Prof. C. Kosinski. There she began working with mouse models, performing immune histochemistry and organizing everything with respect to running the lab.  After Prof. C. Kosinski left the hospital, Ingrid moved to the Medical Clinic III of the University Hospital in Aachen in the research group of Prof. P. Strnad. There she was working with mouse models of Alpha1-antitrysin deficiency and its liver manifestations, as well as organizing the lab and assisting PhDs and Postdocs with their experiments. In October 2022 she joined the Selkrig Lab at the Medical Microbiology Department of the University Hospital in Aachen.

Masters student

Musthofa Kemal Bandu, B.Sc.

Kemal completed his bachelor's degree in the field of molecular and applied biotechnology at Bielefeld University, and is currently pursuing his master's in molecular and applied biotechnology at the RWTH Aachen. During his bachelor thesis entitled "Application and Optimization of genome editing in C. glutamicum" he gained experience in molecular biology methodologies. More recently in the Lab of Professor Ulrich Schwaneberg (RWTH) he undertook a research project focusing on the functionalization of cellulose with antimicrobial peptides, as well as a project focusing on the synthesis of Poly-LacNac in one pot reaction within the lab of Professor Lothar Elling. Kemal joined the Selkrig lab in February 2023.