Group Members

Group Leader

Dr. Marianne Grognot
Junior Professor for Biophysics of Host-Microbe Interactions (Assistant Professor with tenure track)

Marianne studied biomedical engineering at the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC, France). In 2016 she obtained her PhD in Physics from Ecole Polytechnique (France), working on a novel terahertz imaging technique in the Laboratory for Optics and Bioscience. She then completed a postdoc in the Taute Lab at the Rowland Institute at Harvard University (USA), where she used a high-throughput bacterial 3D tracking method and developed a new multiscale chemotaxis assay to explore bacterial navigation strategies. After a temporary position as a researcher and teaching assistant in the Laboratory of Biophysics and Evolution at ESPCI-Paris PSL (France), she started her own group at the Institute of Medical Microbiology in the RWTH University Hospital (Aachen, Germany).

Technician Assistant

Eva Mückter

PhD student

M. Sc. Maria Dimitra Chiotelli