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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Peter Horz
Phone: +49 241 80-88442
or +49 241 80-35635

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Our current research (overview)

Bacteriophages (briefly: phages) are viruses, which specifically use bacteria for their reproduction, as such they represent the natural enemies of bacteria. Due to the rising incidence of infections caused by multi-drug resistant bacteria the concept of the so-called “phage therapy” has re-emerged. In our studies we investigate the therapeutic potential of newly isolated phages against the most important nosocomial bacteria, which cannot be treated anymore by customary antibiotics.

In another project we characterize the human microbiome using next-generation sequencing technologies. Special focus is given to those microbial members who have been comparably less considered in previous microbiome studies, namely archaea and viruses. Moreover we test the variability of the human microbiome among individuals and among ethnic groups in order to address research questions of anthropological interest (keyword: co-evolution of man and microbe).