10./11.05.2022: Spring School in Hannover

Congratulations to our poster award winners!

First place: “Establishment of an oxygenator model for the small animal model with regard to the investigation and evaluation of cell-seeded fiber membranes” -S Knigge, F Hesselmann, LJ Strudthoff, A Kaesler, NB Steuer, SV Jansen, E Wiebe, N Frank, D Adam, J Arens, A Haverich, B Wiegmann.

2ndplace: “In-silico investigation of flow and gas transfer characteristics of three-dimensional membrane shapes for an implantable artificial lung” -KP Barbian, C Certa, J Linkhorst, B Wiegmann, SV Jansen.

Third place: “Endothelialization of 3D-printed polymers for the development of customizable blood contacting biomedical device components” -C Nölke, M Pflaum, C Certa, J Linkhorst, KP Barbian, S Jansen, A Haverich, B Wiegmann.